Changing the Siteminder protection agent for Identityminder

Blog Post created by Bill_Patton Employee on Jul 10, 2015

A customer recently asked:

We have IHS: (IBM HTTP server) and it is 32 bit, so we have to use the 32 bit siteminder protection agent.
We want to have a 64 bit protection agent, so we would like to switch to IIS. IS this possible?

The answer is yes, it is possible.


In order to do this you will need to:
Install the WAS plugin on IIS and test that with the Snoop.jsp (WebSphere OOTB sample)

Install the SM agent on IIS and test that with protecting a sample resource

For steps on installing agent on IIS please refer to Siteminder documentation



After the above WebSphere can be used to service requests from IIS The remaining steps are to update the IME to use the new agent.

Consider the reason that you use IHS though, it is easier to manage from the WAS console (stopping and starting the server) and can be run on linux or windows. IIS is only Windows.


The work is about 50% WAS 30% SM 20% IM.