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I was recently asked this question:

" We are experiencing slow response times on IDM tews services.   We are unsure
at the moment the source of the delay but the DBA's have indicated wait times
at the IO level on IDM tables.    My question, based on a DBA report,
what is CA's stance on adding indexes to the tables for task persistence?"


The answer I gave was:
There is certainly nothing wrong with adding indexes to the taskpersistence tables and in this case it help with not only garbage collection clean up, but also with the processing of everyday user requests. the reason that we do not have these added OOTB is because they are only needed and created on a case by case bases based on the customers environment.


In more recent versions of IM there are some indexes on tables and these indexes are managed by IM, however you, as the customer that owns the database can create more if you need more.



Bill Patton