For users that get WARN : rs_rsu: Credit limit reached in the directory DSA logs

Blog Post created by Bill_Patton Employee on Jul 16, 2015

Looking in our knowledge base I found this write up:


Credit limit reached - This implies a configurable threshold being reached

rather than an actual problem occurring. In the case where all clients are

using LDAP, then this message means that a DSP backbone link from another

DSA has exceeded the value of "credits". Credits are the maximum number of

DSA operations in progress at the same time on a per user basis



Setting the DSA credits to 5 (for example, via the limits configuration

file) instructs the DSA that all user associations (meaning unique client

IP address and port pairs) can have a maximum of 5 operations outstanding at

any given time before the DSA will impose flow control."


If you are seeing "Credit limit reached", get you to up the number of

credits by a small amount, then stop and start the DSA's. If you are still

seeing the messages, then you may want to analyze their directory logs to

see which connection (application or user) is causing the credit limit to

pop. Please check the current "credit" value in the configuration file. You may

need change the value to a bigger number if you keep getting the problem.


The setting is:

set credits = <the number>;

The configuration file should be dxserver\config\limit\default.dxc

of the eTrust Directory server.






More explanation:

Credits are per "association" (which is a unique TCP connection), not per

IP address. There is no "shared pool".


The maximum number of DSA operations in progress at the same time on a per

user basis can be set using the credit limit, for example:


set credits = 5


To determine the maximum number of concurrent operations you can perform,

multiply the number of credits by the maximum number of users. When the

credit value is exceeded, the DSA delays the receipt of any new requests

from the DUA (client)


The credits parameter provides a mechanism to govern how many client

requests are outstanding at any given time for each association and to delay new



Please note that CA Support is not providing specific advice for tuning