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javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [FacesFilter]: could not be initialized


Recently I had a customer report  this issue and after logging into the Websphere admin server and checking the parent first class loading and the MyFaces implementation for the castyles ear and the iam_im.ear, the only way I could get this error to disappear

Stop WAS server

Clean up temp directories

$> rm -rf /<WAS_HOME>/profiles/EntNodeProfile01/temp/*

$> rm -rf /<WAS_HOME>/profiles/EntNodeProfile01/wstemp/*

$> rm -rf /<WAS_HOME>/profiles/EntNodeProfile01/tranlog/*

$> rm -rf /<WAS_HOME>/profiles/EntNodeProfile01/configuration/*

Start WAS server


  The start-up error below was gone after this change and I can log into the UI.



Bill Patton