The First Olive Out of the Jar

Blog Post created by Charlie_Wells Employee on Oct 31, 2016

Someone once told me "the first olive is the hardest one to get out of the jar". (I've had the same experience with pickles, btw.) The meaning behind this phrase is simple - the first action in a new initiative, project, or activity is usually the hardest one.


There are many reasons for this - perhaps we want to "get it right the first time", or we don't want to invite critique and analysis of our ideas, or we may not have "all our ducks in a row" before we start. Sometimes apathy, "busy-ness" (or, if you prefer, business), or perfectionism interfere with our action, preventing us from taking the first step into our journey. At one point or another, I've let each of these block my progress.


Over the years I've shared a number of thoughts with smaller groups and in one-to-one discussions, but I've often desired to reach a wider audience, to stimulate discussion and deeper thought on the business & technology topics that confront us on a daily basis. So today, I'm getting the first olive out in a new CA blog with this post.


I don't yet know exactly where this path will lead, but I hope you'll come along for the journey. So with that, a simple challenge - what have you not yet started? What is your "first olive"? What can you do today to get it out of the jar?