Blog Post created by Charlie_Wells Employee on Nov 2, 2016

In September, Apple held a special event, introducing the new iPhone 7 (intro starts around 61:45) and in the process ceremoniously removed the headphone jack and the mechanical "Home" button from the iconic phone's design.


Regarding the re-engineering of the Home button, Apple's Phil Schiller noted the extensive list of functions the Home button provides (navigating to the "Home" screen, invoking the app switcher and Siri, unlocking via TouchID, etc.) and in the same breath said,

"and we've completely redesigned it, making it more responsive, more reliable, and even customizable."

In other words, even though the existing Home button was integral the experience using the iPhone, Apple was not afraid to re-think it.


About the headphone jack, Mr. Schiller noted the age of the headphone jack technology (over 100 years) and listed three reasons Apple made this design decision:


  • There is an alternative technology that provides the same functional capabilities (Lightning port).
  • We want more technologies in the constrained space of our mobile phones.
  • When you have a vision for the future, you want to get there as fast as possible.


 He summarized these bullet points this way:


"It comes down to one word - courage. Courage to move on, do something new, that betters us all."


Thinking about this, I wonder, what are we holding onto in our personal and professional lives and how is that holding us back from the vision of our future? What new and exciting skills and experiences could we enjoy, if only we made some space for them? Said another way, what can we give up, so that we may gain something greater?


Let Apple's iPhone example inspire us to re-think our assumptions about the way things are, and find our own courage to pursue the vision we have for our own lives.