Blog Post created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jan 7, 2015

Happy New Year!  I'm back!  Hope you are, too!


Today, I'd like to address anyone involved with NPD (New Product Development) and/or PLM (Product Live-cycle Management) systems.  In my wonderings amongst CA PPM users, I often find users from IT companies or IT departments within non-IT companies.  Rarely do I come across users involved in New Product Development.


If you are an NPD user, please contact me.  I would like to get a group of NPD users connected here, to discuss topics related to NPD.


For instance, we are being driven by a set of project/resource management requirements found in AutoSPICE.  This requirement set also defines how one must have linkage between customer requirements, product requirements, development, integration and testing (e.g.  "You tested X - why?  Show me the requirements that caused you to design this feature and how Text X is related to it.").  Simple idea right?  But then consider that automobiles are one of the most complex systems produced in the world today, driven at high speeds with people in them that can get hurt or killed (if invented today, does anyone think automobiles might be banned for our own protection?).


Now, add in the complexity of 'self-driving' cars - replace the human brain, senses and nervous system with electronic versions, and keep everyone safe....  Details matter.


Its at this detail level that CA PPM fails.  Currently available PLM systems are designed for this work.  However, they aren't very good as PPM systems.


Integrate the two solutions?  Let CA PPM track the multi-project, hierarchical project launch, with each project having hundreds of tasks per stage and let PLM track the thousands of sub-tasks/details?  Possibly.  What to integrate on?  What is necessary for success?  What should be left out to ensure success?


Years ago I ran into some Clarity users from the Netherlands that were in NPD and working on such integrations.  Have lost contact.  Would like to reestablish contact and perhaps get an NPD/PLM group started within this community.  Perhaps we can share ideas and get better together, faster.


Anyone interested in participating?  Please, let me know.  Group would not be limited to automotive - key topic here is CA PPM and PLM systems - getting them to play together well.


As starting vision, we are looking at using our PLM system to let local team managers manage details on a Kanban basis - a product release may have many work products (CA PPM tasks) where each work product then has many work activities (PLM tasks).  The scenario is not unlike using CA PPM with CA PPM Agile - the larger project is managed in CA PPM and the details are managed locally in our PLM system, with the results rolling up to CA PPM and rescheduling, prioritization flowing back from CA PPM to PLM.


Nice vision, I think.  How to make it happen?