How to redirect a Display on Linux platforms

Blog Post created by DarrylA Employee on Nov 13, 2014

If all the connection you have to your linux server is a text based putty session and you need to work on a graphical interface you can still do it by redirecting your display to your windows machine.

We can use xming.

Xming is an X11 display server for Microsoft Windows operating systems, includingWindows XP or later

Please refer for more information "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xming".

You will have to download the xming on your windows machine and install it.

We need to use putty to connect to linux using SSH.

In the putty options on right hand side select X11

Select X11 forwarding

X display location enter :0.0

Now login to the Linux server

enable xhost permissons by running xhost +

The set the display to your work station

DISPLAY=<workstation hsotname>:0.0

export DISPLAY

You can run your GUI now. To test run xclock