Self-Monitoring Alarms

Blog Post created by DavidM Employee on Nov 9, 2017

By default self monitoring alarms are enabled, and for installations with large storage devices this can be a problem. Reason is, that as previously inventoried items are removed an alarm will be generated, resulting in many unwanted alarms.


probe log examples:

a previously inventoried item has been removed:

"Inventory lookup failed for parent of Metric '"ESC:VDISK:|305"."KBytesReadPerSec"'.  Monitor vertex will not be added to inventory"


an alarm is sent for it:

"SENDING_ALARM: Self-Monitoring Failures for '': Monitor Correlation (1 of 1 failed), Data Collection (1 of 362 failed)."


self-monitoring alarms can be disabled via
raw configure > setup > new key
name: enable_self_monitoring_alarm
value: false


This will not effect the generation of alarms for items in the inventory and under active monitoring.