Douglas Lima


Blog Post created by Douglas Lima on Oct 22, 2014

Hi guys, this is my first post and I'll introduce myself.

My name is Douglas Lima, 31 years old, brazilian and I work with IT for 13 years. I'm graduated in Analysis and System Development by IFSP (Federal Institute of São Paulo)

My first job in IT was of attendant support in a shop of construction materials. Now I have a pleasure to work with the CA products.

The products that I have more knowledge are: ITPAM, ServiceDesk Manager (SDM, BO, CMDB) and Configuration Automation.


In personal life, I like being with my family, I have a wife and two stepdaughters (19 and 13 years old). I'm addicted to games, specially in MMORPG and MOBA style.


Here it's a little about me.


Thank you and see you later.