Turns Out...

Blog Post created by Eoin Employee on Jan 15, 2015

Paul_Hinkley and Emlyn_Williams provided the inspiration to have a look at how easy it is to Compare the two elements in Endevor, from within QuickEdit.  the idea for COMPELM was born in a shower (where all good ideas come from) and basically works like COPYELM in QuickEdit, except that the to be compared element is copied to a new temporary dataset, and that then the standard COMPare is invoked.


Actually it was very easy to prove the concept by creating two edit macros, the first creates a temporary file, and invokes edit on it using the 2nd macro as an initial macro, the second macro, calls COPYELM to insert the element to be compared and returns.  On return the first macro then invokes the compare, and cleans up (deleting the temporary file).


There is still some work to do adding messaging, error handling etc. but is that enough, or does the new macro need to be written in assembler (like the CopyElm) with it's own panels, messaging etc.