Organizing your CA Community

Blog Post created by Guenter_Grossberger Employee on Nov 7, 2014



when I logged into CA Communities I found a lot of things I was not interested in. And it took me a lot of clicks to get where I usually want to go: the CA APM community (and the CA Developer APM community in the future).


So I asked MaryGreening how I could define which page I get to when I click Home and Communities respectively.


Mary told me about "Pinning": If you want your Inbox to display when you click on Home, go to Home and click on the Inbox. You will see a little pin icon next to the word Inbox, click the pin and that will be the default view.



When you click on Communities the default setting is Following.  That means if you only want to see APM in that list, stop following everything else and only Follow the APM Community.  Does that make sense? You will still need to click on the APM community but you won’t have to search for it.


So follow CA APM and CA Developer APM!!! And if you have questions ask your Community Managers!