Volunteer at F1 in Schools

Blog Post created by GUIDO HENGELHAUPT Employee on Jan 3, 2018

The last five years I supported the students of a school in Hamburg (between 11 and 19 years old) during the development of their cars, creation of Portfolios and Pit Displays and preparation for the regional finals in Hamburg. The students must work with CAD and CAM tools to design and manufacture the cars, they must use measuring devices, they have to make the technical drawings of the car, they have to prepare written and verbal presentations and have to find sponsors for donation and/or contributions in kind.


In September 2017 it was my first time as a judge at the World Finals 2017 in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia during my annual vacation. It was a very impressive event with 51 student teams from all over the world.  It lasted one week and at the end of the competition all teams were invited to visit the real F1 race at Sepang.


In 2018 I will be a part of the judging team at the World Finals 2018 in Singapore as volunteer again.


For more information please visit the official F1 in Schools website and Wikipedia: