Mainframe Tech Tips

Blog Post created by HarpoIU on Mar 26, 2016

Now that I am mostly retired, I wanted to share some tips, shortcuts and time savers.  They are Not Endevor specific.  I am not fully documenting them, but those that need help can inquire.  They may be helpful to most users.


1. ISPF - SWAPBAR ON .  This command allows the user to see all sessions, after start commands at the bottom of the screen.  The active session is marked with an *  and the user can mouse click on any session.  This is much easier and faster than using a pfkey to SWAP screens.  This option stays turned on for future logon's until the user enters SWAPBAR OFF .

2. ISPF - go to settings and change SCREEN SIZE to DATA or WIDE instead of STD.  This allows the users to see data past column 80 without using the PF10/PF11 or the LEFT/RIGHT command.  You may need to change your 3270 terminal type to Model 5 in your terminal emulator software settings.

3. ISPF -Use the command CC CC AK  in Edit to copy a range of lines multiple times( in different locations).  With this you can copy say lines 3 thru 6 after line 10, 20, 30, and line 90 by doing CC CC at line 3 and 6 and then AK on line 10, 20, 30, and A on 90 and hit enter.  The lines will be copied into all locations in one command.

4. ISPF - Use the M command on the command line after doing a 3.4 list of many files.  Enter M PAYROL1 or  M PAY* and the system will search all PDS/PDSE file only for that member and display those file where member is found.  Quick and easy way to find what files contain member(s).

5. ISPF - 3.4 APPEND command.  Use this command to add files to your 3.4 list that have different HLQ datasets.  For example you list your Endevor files with END.*  and you need to work with your TSO files, on the command line enter APPEND userid.jcl and all your files will be added to the 3.4 list.  Wildcarding can be used.  Also, this customized list can be saved in ISPF REFLIST and given a name and then used in the future without doing the APPEND command.

6. ISPF - Use F1F1.  Hitting PF1 twice will display the user or task that has a dataset HELD(Enqueued).

7. ISPF - Use command SAVE MYFILE from 3.4 list of files or pds members.  This will create a file userid.myfile.datasets or .members that can be used as input to other utils.

8. SDSF - Use command ST+ after command PRE * and OWNER * and this will display old jobs that are impervious to all normal PURGE commands.  This jobs can then  be PURGED.  This jobs become zombies due to a HOLD command be issued while the job is executing.

9. ADRDSSU Utility - Use this program to BACKUP/RESTORE your files instead of other utility programs as it is much faster and more flexible.

10. ENDEVOR SCAN - Scan JCL for PGM=IEBGENER and change them to ICEGENER.  This program runs using  6-8% less CPU and runs faster.  Also, provides helpful info like record count and DCB.

11. ENDEVOR SCAN - IDCAMS can replace IEFBR14 to allocate(create) new empty files.  Use IDCAMS with input DD * no input or DD DUMMY and this causes the SPACE RLSE to take effect.  This can save lots disk space.


I have several more for another day if there is any interest.