Idea for Ideas

Blog Post created by Ian_Turner Employee on Oct 31, 2017

Idea for Ideas:

In days gone by we had the Design and ..... actually i dont think i ever did truely know what 'DAR' stood for?!
The dreaded response from CA Product Support, '....working as designed; need to create to a DAR'. However in my experience unless a customer escalation was created and driven thorugh Sales, this DAR would ever rarely come to fuition.


So now we have the 'Idea'! These can be voted on by anyone registered in the CA Communities page and can help convince CA Product Management that these ideas are a good, useful thing for the tool or implementation/solution.


CAs latest internal 'Collaboration' initiative is also using 'Ideas' to help drive ideas for practically anything. All good stuff, but has the number of ideas for Product enhancements/new functionality increased? Maybe these additional ideas should be referred to as 'Suggestions' rather than 'Ideas'?


During EVERY CA customer engagement there will at some point be a conversation along the lines of .....'if only i had a filter that did...., wouldnt it be cool to have a right click option of....'.


So come on fellow community members lets not forget the original intention of 'Ideas' and help improve the CA Product set or at the very least make something easier or quicker than before.