How I leverage CA Communities as a Services Architect

Blog Post created by KevinMurphyCA Employee on Oct 20, 2017

Two great resources are available to get started:

The Break Room EF

Getting Started on CA Communities

The Break Room EF 

My personal crib notes:


  1. Log into and set your username alias / Screen Name to something besides your PMFKey. I set my to FirstnameLastNameCA (KevinMurphyCA)
    1. Go to and click Edit
    2. Change the bottom-left box to your desired alias/Screen Name, and Save.
  2. Log in and set up your CA Communities profile – instructions here -
  4. Set your timezone preferences to the timezone you’re usually located in. This just affects the timestamps shown on the web pages in Communnities. 
  5. Create your own custom streams. There’s currently a limit of ten (10) custom streams.
    1. Streams are just way you can see new content in the mobile app or the website, and how you will receive content updates in Summary emails.
    2. I just follow places. Maybe people (put that in a stream with as much / little notification as you want). I’ve never followed a ‘tag’
    3. First decide what streams you want, and what content you want in each stream. Then create them. As you’re creating them, you can add content. See my example table below.
      1. Creating Custom Streams
      2. Examples of Custom Streams
      3. Add, Edit, or Delete a Custom Stream
  6. Set your notification preferences. See my examples in the table below.
    1. Instructions on setting preferences - Set up your Email Notification Preferences
    2. Turn email notifications on for the forums you’d like to most actively collaborate with. This turns in into something like a mailing / distro list, with each notification coming into Outlook prepended with the forum name.
      1. Doing this lets me collect and locally store those messages for times I’m offline at a customer site and need to search our knowledgebase.
      2. This puts it in my inbox and allows me to decide if it’s something I want to reply to, or just file away.
      3. You may decide this adds too much noise to your email
  7. Install the Jive Outlook plugin and mobile client
    1. How-To Setup & Use the Outlook Plugin for Communities
    2. Using the Jive Mobile App
    3. The Outlook plugin brings the full message history into Outlook, and has increased my collaboration in Communities. It also allows you to mark an item as helpful or Correct, and to Like an item, directly from Outlook.
    4. The mobile client is less optimal – I have it installed but never use it.
  8. Finally, a non-intuitive action  – Communities (Jive) isn’t well-integrated with your Outlook calendar. Add an Event to your Outlook Calendar


My streams:

StreamContent in StreamInbox Notifications
<Product> Expert Forums

Used for following the expert forums of the products you work on, or specialize in. For me, I've added SSO EF, Identity Suite EF, Identity Portal EF, Identity Suite Virtual Appliance EF, Directory EF, Privileged Access Management EF to streams, one for each product (SSO with SSO & Directory,  IAM with all of Identity Suite components, and PAM)

 I also added Support Engineer Tools Community for following tools news.


With Email of All Activity, these streams act like the mailing lists and show up in my Outlook inbox whenever a new post is added.

Email, All Activity
Services News

Following the various Services forum. In this stream I have: CA Services Forum, Onboarding Academy @ CA Services, Essentials Library @ CA Services


I get the daily summary digest, and make sure I read it.

Email, Daily Summary
External - CA <Technology Area>

Really helpful to follow the external (customer-facing) forums for the technology areas you're interested in. Support tends to interact a lot with customers in these forums.


I get the daily summary digest, and skim it as I have available time.

Email, Daily Summary