Thank you for participating in the CA Datacom NPS Survey

Blog Post created by Kevin_Shuma Employee on Dec 21, 2017

I wanted to thank all of you that participated with us in the CA Datacom 2017 NPS survey. We had a great response and in fact, CA Datacom exceeded the goals set for number of NPS participants!


Obviously, there is no way we could have done that without your participation and great support.


Hopefully, you received direct responses from the our Datacom team  via the survey system in regard to your submissions.  In those responses, we indicated that we would be following up with all the survey participants.  I have setup this blog within the community, so that we can share the overall NPS survey information and how we are using that information to plan the future for CA Datacom and CA Ideal.


In some cases, we may also be reaching out to you individually to get more information on your comments and requests. Those individual direct communications have already started.


So the question is "How did we do?"  


While the survey results are not ready to be published yet, I can say the CA Datacom did pretty well.  The survey participants listed some of our CA Datacom strengths as: 

Ease of use 


As part of the survey, we also received product suggestions, comment, requests, etc.  We definitely got some great ideas and even some "head scratchers" (where we will need additional information).  But the great part is that you guys and gals all participated and are helping to set the future plans.


So the next question is "What's next?"  


We are currently finishing up our 2017 year, but our goal will be to correlate all the ideas received from the survey and add them to the CA Communities ideation site for your your review and further input.  Look for these to start appearing in January.  We will use an "NPS SURVEY" tag in the ideation title so that you will know where the idea originated.



Also, please mark your calendar for the CADRE Technical Conference coming April 16th 2018 in Plano Texas.  It will be a great get together to share knowledge, tips and tricks and so much more on CA datacom and CA Ideal. 




With the year coming to a close, I wanted to wish all of our CA Datacom and CA Ideal friends (customers, technicians, support staffs and all) a great holiday season and a very prosperous New Year!!




So as my favorite cartoon character says on his bulletin boards leaving his small kingdom in Florida ....


See ya real soon!!


Kevin Shuma


CA Datacom

CA Technologies - Plano Texas