Using JMX Console to view the JVM status of a running CA SSO (SiteMinder) Policy Server and CA Gateway (Secure Proxy Server)

Blog Post created by Mark.ODonohue Employee on Jan 8, 2015



Siteminder (SSO) uses Java JVM;'s in a few places, notably for this post in two places  :

  1. In the CA Single Sign On (Siteminder) - Policy Server
  2. And in the CA Gateway (CA Secure Proxy Server).   

When there are performance issues, such as OutOfMemoryException it is often difficult to get a good look under the hood at what is happening in the Java JVM.   JMXConsole provides a great way to view current stats and memory of the JVM, and to do that, find out what is happening to result in that OutOfMemoryException, or what the status is of all the worker threads.


I wrote the following two articles a few months ago now, and only now popping a link from this blog :


Debugging Java via JMX Console in CA Single Sign On (CA Siteminder)


Debugging Java via JMX Console in CA Access Gateway (CA Secure Proxy Server)



Cheers - Mark