Not able to add responsibilities in Oracle apps

Blog Post created by Md.FaiyajAlam4206885 on Dec 17, 2017


I am not able to add responsibilities in Oracle Apps through etautil script.

Please help on this 

12.6.8, Service Pack: SP8 Dear Team, I am not able to add Responsibility in CA Identity Minder By etautil scrip. ==== Script etautil -d im -u Tcs_im -p Tc$!@m update 'eTFNDAccountContainerName=Users,eTFNDDirectoryName=OracleApps,eTNamespaceName=Oracle Applications,dc=im,dc=eta' eTFNDAccount eTFNDUserName=123089 to +eTFNDResponsibilityList eTFNDResponsibilityName='ABEL AP Auditor, Brussels' Error: 2017.12.15.18:45:01.193 FATAL eTFNDDirectory::OracleApps - Modify Request on eTFNDUserName=123079,eTFNDAccountContainerName=Users,eTFNDDirectoryName=OracleApps,eTNamespaceName=Oracle Applications,dc=im,dc=etasa. Plugin Rc=0x59 : An improper value was detected for attribute eTFNDResponsibilityList.' Please help on this.