The Just-In-Time Support Engineer

Blog Post created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on Feb 23, 2015


The Just-In-Time Support Engineer


The Just-In-Time (JIT) Support Engineer is a joint initiative between CA Support and CA Communities with a goal of reducing the number of support calls and increasing the percentage of issues solved by self-service.


This is how it works: Two designated engineers monitor user questions in various communities and answer what they can. When they need deeper expertise, they mark a question for "action," which notifies a subject matter expert (SME) within CA's social platform. Once the SME answers the question, the user community can mark it as "correct" or "helpful," making it a searchable solution for anyone who has a similar question in the future.


This type of customer experience reduces the number of open questions, expands the knowledge repository and encourages a self-service culture throughout the user community. It provides a timely response, humanizes CA and increases transparency with customers, while optimizing the use of valuable CA support resources.


This helps drive CA’s strategic goal for GROWTH of increased customer loyalty by delivering a superior customer experience. JIT Support Engineers fuel this strategy by encouraging customers to actively engage within the CA Communities, their likelihood to recommend is often higher than their non-community member counterparts.


Since the JIT project began, CA has seen the number of correctly answered questions in communities grow by more than 35%, which not only increases “stickiness” for existing users but provides a compelling reason for more users to become engaged.

Call volumes have always been a challenge for the wide range of CA products. The JIT initiative is proud to positively impact business performance by decreasing these calls. As community-based answers expand and the culture of self-service takes hold, the exponential effect on call deflection creates direct bottom line cost savings.