Miguel Fernandes

CA NFA Reaper Service missing

Blog Post created by Miguel Fernandes Employee on Feb 11, 2015

Recently I was involved in a NFA migration from version 9.0 to 9.1.3. In the process of upgrading the Harvester, we found the dreaded RPR15 error (see more here: http://www.ca.com/us/support/ca-support-online/product-content/knowledgebase-articles/tec612380.aspx), but we applied the fix and the installation continued without glitches.

We proceeded with the console upgrade, and everything went smoothly. We checked that the services were created and everything seemed fine. We rebooted the machine, and then we went to check again and the CA NFA Reaper Service was missing. Every other service was in place, but the reaper was not, so, we could't see any data in the portal.

We went checking the log files, but everything seemed OK. We tried re-installing, but the installer is "smart" enough to not let you install something that is already installed. so, we went hunting inside the installer files to check what do the installer do to create the service, and we found this command:


cmd.exe /C sc.exe create "NetQoSReaper" binPath= "\"$USER_INSTALL_DIR$\netflow\bin\nfrtreaper.exe\"" error= ignore type= own type= interact start= auto DisplayName= "CA NFA Reaper" depend= "NetQoS MySql51"


We substituted the "$USER_INSTALL_DIR$" variable with the correct path, created the service and started it, and within a few hours, we had all the data that wasn't processed before, available in the web portal.


After we investigated what could happen for this to fail, we came to the following conclusion: We had left the services console opened, while we were performing the upgrade. So, the service was "deleted" but in reality it was marked to be deleted after a system reboot or after we close all the MMCs (the services console is a MMC). Everything was upgraded, services were in place (even the reaper was on the list, but it was the previous definition, the one marked to be deleted), and then we rebooted. After the reboot the Reaper Service didn't exist anymore, as it was deleted as expected. Why did this only affected the Reaper? maybe it was the only one with no name change? And why did the installer didn't detected the "error" of trying to create an already existing service?. Nonetheless, this is only our theory, and our recommendation is:

Before starting the installer, CLOSE all the MMCs windows you might have open and leave the system alone for the procedure (this was kind of specified in the manual also ).