Extending SYSLOG message/character limit

Blog Post created by Muthugomu Employee on Oct 10, 2017

Problem: Writing data into SYSLOG from APIGATEWAY was truncated to 1024 characters


Solution: By default, SYSLOG is not configured to accept more than 2048 characters.  Though SYSLOG is capable of accepting 2048 characters, but when written thru APIGateway (SYSLOG configured to work with UDP) , it was truncated to 1024 characters only.



Here's the two steps to be done for writing more than 2048 characters to SYSLOG:


1. On the Gateway, add com.l7tech.server.log.syslog.maxLength system property into /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/ file with the desired length (max length is 65536)



Restart the gateway


2. On the SYSLOG Server request the respective SYSLOG Admin to add the below line into config file and then restart the collector.


collector.syslog.udp.readBufferSize = 65535



Now try writing more than 2048 characters into SYSLOG from API Gateway, it should work.