Top 15 XCOM Knowledge Base Articles Accessed This Quarter 2018

Blog Post created by Nancy.Lipp Employee on Jun 28, 2018

Below are the 15 most accessed Knowledge Base articles this quarter 2018. If you have an idea for an article, please reply to this post or create a new discussion in the community, and we will respond.


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Received message "XCOMN0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program: Txpi 211: Socket connect error return value = 10061" performing a loopback transfer using the DNS name of Server

Why does message “XCOMN0287E Error setting remote user id” appear?

Error message XCOMM0780E Txpi  215: Socket send error return value = 1127

XCOMN0287E Error setting remote user id

XCOMN0602E/XCOMU0602E General error in queue function; rc=-xxxx and other XCOM queue errors.

XCOMM0780E Txpi  308 TxpiInitSSL Failed Message

Received message XCOMM0780E Txpi  215: Socket send error return value = 1128. What is causing it?

CA XCOM error message XCOMU0780E Txpi 316: TxpiSSL peer certificate: Certificate verification failed (SERIAL_NUMBER) error 8:

XCOMU0602E Unable to QUEUE: Cannot Create Data File or Queue is Full

XCOMU0297E Error requesting header confirmation: Txpi 227: Socket received 0 bytes: partner closed socket. Last error: 0 on CA XCOM Data Transport r11 for AIX, HP-UX, HP-UX IA64 Itanium or Sun Solaris.

XCOMU0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program:  Txpi  238: getaddrinfo error return value = 1

Using Certificate Authority (CA) certificates with CA XCOM for Windows and failing with message alert certificate unknown

How to Resolve CA XCOM errors XCOMU0438E or XCOMN0438E Record length greater than maxreclen, but truncation not allowed?

XCOMU0505E Received a signal from TCP/IP

XCOMN0473E error(s) parsing xcom.glb; The XCOMD CA-XCOM Scheduler Service cannot start in the xcom.log and Service Specific Error Code 473 Starting the CA XCOM XCOMD Scheduler Service.