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Understanding and monitoring datacenter capacity is crucial for DC managers.

Most of these key metrics (space available, Max power available) are stored on a dcim solution or on a living document accessed by DC operators. But how can we perform trend or historical analysis on this data? The answer is using the ecometer_monitor data import capabilities.


The ecometer_monitor probe supports a wide range of monitoring protocols (BACnet, modbus, OPC, RFCode..). These standards are generally used to retrieve power and cooling data from DC/Facility equipment.

But we also have the option to get data via API from 3rd party systems. This becomes very interesting when we need to collect capacity metrics from external sources like other dcim solutions (e.g. OpenDCIM, iTracs...).


To achieve this, use the Data Import functionality together with a JSON template. I have successfully retrieved capacity data from an OpenDCIM system via their JSON API and this opens a new door to get DC Capacity data into CA UIM solution.

A more technical post will follow this entry.