healthinfo probe - Run or schedule any UIM callback/query

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I have recently published a Tech Doc in the communities:

healthinfo probe - Run or schedule any UIM callback/query

that I am also posting here:


The healthinfo probe is used to generate UIM health information for use in health assessments and reports. The data extracted by the probe is specified in the configuration file and it comes from probe callbacks and database queries.

The data can be collected on request in the form of a probe callback or scheduled based on the intervals specified in the configuration file. Each callback/query can run at different intervals and for a configured duration. This probe does not create any QoS metrics or alarm messages.
This probe is the core of the UIM Health Assessment process described here: 




  • Run specific callbacks on the probes specified in the cfg file. (e.g.: if a callback for nas is specified, this callback will be executed on all nas probes found in the domain)
  • Run database queries specified in the cfg file.
  • Probe can be executed on demand (via callback) or scheduled (different scheduling intervals for every callback and query)
  • Probe can run on any robot (Win/Linux)
  • Raw output of the configured callbacks and queries is stored in a Report folder.



  • UIM Server 7.5 or later.


Lastest version link


Probe Configuration

  • Only Raw Configuration is available
  • A sample configuration file is provided that collects health info from the environment. See attached.




The raw output of the callbacks and queries is stored in a folder "Reports" in the probe folder.
This output can be converted to a HTML report using the attached healthreport.jar CLI.
Example of usage:  java -jar healthreport.jar -r "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\custom\healthinfo\Reports"
Output produced:  Data Engine Report, Hub Report, NAS Report and Adoption Rate Report




I would like to thank BryanKMorrow. His probes have been an inspiration and a good help to build this healthinfo probe.


Comments and suggestions are very welcome.