CA UIM Telemetry Dashboard

Blog Post created by NestorFalcon Employee on Mar 14, 2017

Starting with CA UIM 8.5.1, local monitoring of the UIM implementation is provided via telemetry probe.


A Set of metrics is collected and published as JSON and HTML to a file in the local system.
This entry describes how to display and consume this useful information in a Telemetry dashboard in UMP.


Jaspersoft enables the use of JSON as datasource. This is the first step in order to make the Telemetry data available to use in the Dashboards. To access the Telemetry data remotely (e.g. from CABI server), some logic should be in place to move the Telemetry file to a web server.



You can make use of the field “Query” to narrow down the elements accessible through the Data Source.
NOTE: Data source should be a flat collection of JSON nodes (no nested items).


To complete the process, a Domain is created from previous DataSource and made available to be used in Ad Hoc Views:




The final outcome is a Telemetry Dashboard that enables the user to see/consume their own monitoring data from UIM platform:



Very neat and straight-forward process to enrich UMP dashboards with Telemetry data.



Another benefit from Telemetry probe is that the user can opt in to send this data to CA Support at the default interval of once a week. If you contact Support for help, Support uses this data for troubleshooting purposes.