Managing your ES Cluster using Cerebro Web Admin

Blog Post created by NestorFalcon Employee on Dec 18, 2017

Elastic is having an important market momentum and it has become a relevant component in Data Analytics.
CA Technologies analytics engine is also leveraging ElasticSearch among others powerful and open technologies.


Cerebro is an open-source web admin tool (one of many) that can help customers to monitor and manage their ES Cluster. Cerebro is a a very simple, low-effort, plug&play and straight-forward way to get visibility into your Cluster Health and answer the following questions:

- How can I detect ES nodes with a high load or full disk?

- How are shards distributed in my cluster?

- How can I backup my data on a local/remote repo?


Cerebro does not require installation, just extract the files, run it and connect to your ES cluster. More info here:

GitHub - lmenezes/cerebro 

All the displayed data is fetched from ES APIs.


Some of the key features are displayed below:



1. Cluster Overview




2. ES Index Management features:



3. ES Global Management Tools:



4. Real time status of each node: