View and Manage your Elasticsearch Cluster

Blog Post created by NestorFalcon Employee on Feb 7, 2018

Elasticsearch has a rich set of APIs that make cluster monitoring a very simple task. We can query and manage pretty much anything in elasticsearch via API.

This is the reason of having so many options out-there to monitor and manage your elasticsearch cluster. 


These tools are key when having a multi-node deployment of elasticsearch and you start wondering what did you put on each node or how healthy is your cluster. I recently talked about Cerebro, a simple web admin with a lot of potential.

Today I want to share two other tools that I have tried and tested:


Elastic-Head:  Extremely portable solution (it runs as built-in server, docker, Chrome extension or ES plugin). Basic overview and administration of the cluster (sometimes enough!). The interface is not very modern though. The Chrome plugin works like a charm. Apache-license.



ElasticHQ: ElasticHQ rocks. It polls ES almost real-time (every 5 secs) and uses a very modern interface.

The Cluster Diagram will give you full hierarchical visibility of your cluster nodes, shards and indexes.

It also runs a Diagnostic checkup providing hints and color-coded metrics to detect issues.

No installation required. Apache-license.



While these tools can provide a great visibility into your cluster, there is no silver-bullet that will do everything you need.

These free tools will not store historical data for instance but they can certainly be a part of your elasticsearch toolbox!

CA Analytics engine for Digital Experience Insights leverages ElasticSearch to help you deliver flawless customer experiences. Let us know which tools are you using to manage Elasticsearch.