Data Warehouse tables are empty - caused by a timezone/clock mismatch

Blog Post created by Nika_Hadzhikidi Employee on Jun 5, 2017

Recently we have had few issues with DWH_INV_HIERARCHY and similar tables not getting updated when the Load Data Warehouse job - Full Load runs.


This can happen on both Oracle and MSSQL



Load Data Warehouse job - Full completes successfully, but one or more tables have no data in there.

When we check the corresponding PPM source view, it contains data.


I.e. DWH_INV_HIERARCHY does not contain data, we have to check the corresponding view (DWH_INV_HIERARCHY_V) on PPM and we see the data is there.


Sometimes, on MSSQL it could be caused by DWH_CMN_PERIOD not updating, and in that case, more tables such as DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS could be impacted.



Data Warehouse job requires the app server clock and the db clock to be the same, if possible, to the second. If there is a time difference between the server that is higher than 30 sec, that could lead to data discrepancies. We have documented this as a requirement and the newest checkinstall would check for any possible discrepancies before continuing with the upgrade.



  1. Correct the clock on the app or db server to match the other server to the second or as close as possible.
  2. Run Load Data Warehouse job - Full


This should resolve your issue and populate your tables.


Documentation reference: 

Load Data Warehouse

Server Time, Timezone, Date, and Time