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Hello fellow community members



Here a quick tip on what you can do to reset your Data Warehouse Timeslices. For example, if you see that some of the slice data is either not in Data Warehouse, or some Time periods are not getting in, or any issue that seems to be caused by the slices, you can try the following:



Prior to applying the solution:

Ensure the slices are configured correctly (DWH slices for different periods should start and end on the same day for the same period type). In example:

all Weekly DWH slices will start on Jan 2 2017 which is Monday (Weekly start date should also be Monday)

all Monthly slices start on 1/1/2016



  1. Connect to CA PPM UI - Administration - System Options
  2. In Data Warehouse settings in Entity for Fiscal Periods note your entity name
  3. Now hit Delete
  4. Save
  5. Run Timeslicing until completion
  6. Run Update Reports Tables job
  7. Reenter the entity name in System Options (same as you noted in step 2)
  8. Run Load Data Warehouse - Full Load

(Note both Timeslicing and Load Data Warehouse job may take significantly longer so make sure you are aware of this and planning around this accordingly).