CA Directory User Store Configuration

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CA Directory User Store Configuration:


1) Download the latest CA Directory version :


2) Install downloaded CA Directory and create new DSA by using following command:

dxnewdsa caustore 389 "o=ustore,c=es"


3) If the DSA does not automatically start, run the following:

dxserver start caustore


4) Download and install Jxplorer Ldap browser:



5) Create admin user by first connecting as anonymous user:
Host: hostname
Port: 389(ensure port 389 is not already being used on the host machine)
Base DN: o=ustore,c=es


6) create admin user and submit

Parent DN: ou=people,o=ustore,c=es
Enter RDN: cn=admin
Add available classes: inetOrgPerson, organizationalPerson, person, top

Enter, and Re-enter Password (select SHA encryption)


7) Access below directory on the CA Directory host machine:

C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver\config\servers


8) Open the caustore.dxi( the .dxi file for the user store DSA), and add below lines:

set mimic-netscape-for-siteminder=true;
set concurrent-bind-user=<c es><o ustore><cn admin>;
set ignore-name-bindings=true;
set hold-ldap-connections=true;




9) Stop and start the user store DSA as below:

dxserver stop caustore

dxserver start caustore


10) Access the AdminUI and create User Directory connection using below sample details:

| ip | xx.xx.xx.xx:389 |
| hostname | abc.xyz.com |
| username | cn=admin,o=ustore,c=es |
| Password | password |
| Root | o=ustore,c=es |
| Start | (cn= |
| End | ) |
| Universal ID (R) | cn |
| Disabled Flag (RW) | carlicense |
| Password Data (RW) | jpegphoto |
| Password (RW) | userPassword |


View user store contents should be successful!


Further details: