Covering Ones Cost

Blog Post created by Paul_Engelbert Employee on Jan 23, 2018

In the Services business, we are always looking at the value we bring to our customers.  And that activity translates in to value to CA in the form of revenue for our efforts.  You've heard the old adage "What have you done for me lately?".  This continues to be true and is something we should all be mindful of.


Consider this quote recently over heard emanating from a Services QBR: "CA cannot afford to keep experts on the team who cannot cover their own costs and contribute to the profit and success of the practice."  Are your efforts translating in to value that covers your costs?


Let's be clear, not every action generates revenue.  But all actions should generate value.  If you are not billing on an engagement, you should be helping someone who is, or in some other way contributing to the success of the organization.  If you are in doubt about how you can contribute, reach out to your manager for guidance.  In this competitive environment, we need everyone's contributions!