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Do you have questions about UIM? - are you having problems with deployment or configuration? - Would you like new features added to the product? 


If you are using UIM and need assistance or information, there are many ways to get information and help already available without even needing to speak to anyone 


Self help is the fastest way to get information because you find the info you need when you need it..


So, what do I mean by self-help?


- Review/Search Knowledge Base for tech docs that provide information on scenarios and issues seen by the user base that can provide answers to known questions 


- Review/Search product documentation to

            - ensure you have the right environmental pre-reqs for your new install. 

            - see what configurations are available

            - understand compatibility and inter-function / product capabilities exist 

            - Best Practices

            - .......


- Review/Search the CA Unified Infrastructure Management  community for answered questions and other documentation, discussions to see other user experiences

- There are links to Best Practices and lots of other documentation (including a whole tab dedicated just to  upgrades - Upgrade to UIM ), and much more. 

 - You can connect with other users to share and seek advice, experiences

 - From CA the Product and Support Delivery Managers are listed so you can also connect direct to us.


- Ask a question to the community

           - If you cant find what you need, then ask a question to the UIM community - explain what you are doing, what you need and someone, somewhere will assist

           - Did you know that currently answer >80% of questions within 2 days



If you are new to the community or would like a refresh - There is a webcast running on Weds Jan 25 by our community leaders -  

                Welcome to CA - Onboarding webcast for new users 


If you cant attend this, then there is a lot of information in the post

             New to the Unified Infrastructure Management Community? Start Here! 




What comes after that if you still done get what you need, or you need it quicker - might be a question that just needs a quick answer and you cant wait 2 days - then we recommend that you contact CA-Support using the CHAT function


- Chat

Read this for more information


Chat gets you in touch with a support representative who will work to answer your question quickly - as you can from the graphic up to 70% faster 


And, of course   there is always the traditional method of opening a support case if needed as well..



Thanks and happy searching!