Peter De Zutter

Pencil and paper go digital

Blog Post created by Peter De Zutter Employee on Nov 14, 2017

It was that time of year again, one more tour around the sun. Although, this year those days were spent sick in bed, which was an experience too be forgotten as soon as possible. Thus an additional gift from myself was certainly due and I decide to treat myself with a nice drawing tablet.The image in the header of this post what we would call 'Hello World', just presented in a different way, and the first drawing I made after 20 years.


After my education in graphics, I haven't done much in that world IT is where my real passion is, I didn't draw much but going digital did open a new world for me. Only to discover that it isn't that much different than the work I do with our customers, just different. Ok, completely different but there are some remarkable similarities, which I would never have discovered if I didn't had participated in LDP.


For instance, take the world of graphics, lots of the ground work is done by algorithm's and nothing else but pure math. E.g. a domino simulation consist of only 4 elements, 1 domino block, 1 path for the domino's to follow, 1 plane and gravity. And with those 4 elements you build a simulation which can last as long as you can imaging it.


And the only thing I need to achieve that was to have an open and flexible mindset. As in be prepared for change and the unknown, and unknown it was. Next in line will be fail and fail fast, and somehow find the time for it.