Link to individual Timsheet from custom Portlet

Blog Post created by PragyaSinghal on Nov 18, 2014

Hi All,


we do not need to create any html portlet and page and parameter and custom timesheet link to point to individual timesheet.


There is solution to create timesheet link from custom portlet. Xog out your custom portlet and  add a link after NSQL query. and in link add Action value to "timeadmin.editTimesheet".

Add Parameter to link

1. <linkParam dataRef="timesheet_ID" dataSource="data" paramCode="id"/>

2. <linkParam dataRef="dimention" dataSource="data" paramCode="timeperiod_ID"/>

3. <linkParam dataRef="dimention" dataSource="data" paramCode="resource_id"/>


NOTE: Create dimension in nsql : Rsource_id + timeperiod_id + timesheetID.

and this link will redirect to individual reosurce timesheet page.


Pragya Singhal