UIM CABI Interactive dashboard

Blog Post created by RENATO ALMEIDA DE OLIVEIRA on Dec 11, 2017


   Hello folks, in this tutorial i gonna show how to create an interactive dashboards with custom reports where one report sends data to another.


  • UIM 8.5
  • Cabi_External probe
  • JasperServer 6.3



   1) Create a blank report with One Empty Record - Empty rows as data source

   2) Leave only the summary band

   3) Set "All Sections No Detail" on When No Data Type, that is needed only for this tutorial because for simplicity I'm not using any data source

   4) Now put two text fields on the report, and write on then button 1 and 2

   5) Create two parameter Spar1 and Spar2, these are the parameters that will be throw to the next report

The next two steps show how the parameter are attached to the data and prepared to be throw on the dashboard

   6) Configure the HyperLink of the buttons as the image bellow

In this example I'm writing a string but in real reports you're going to use some input control of your report

   7) Repeat the step 5 for the second button

   8) Publish that report in some scope that UIM users can see for example the public folder

   9) Create another report and repeat the steps 1 to 3

   10) Create 2 parameters Tpar1 and Tpar2

   11) Drag & Drop then on the report

   12) Publish

   13) Now lets make the dashboard, go to the dashboard creator and drag and drop the reports

   14) Drag&Drop the Source report filters to the dashboard

   15) Hide the filter panel checking the show filter dashlet on suspend window option

   16) Create the parameter mapping as the image bellow:

Here the Source parameter that trowed on the link affects the target parameter


   17) Now it is done save the dashboard, and configure the CABI portlet on UIM to show that report

   18) When configurate it will look like this:

   19) When the user click on the buttons it will send the parameter to the other report that will runs and shows the updated data.


And that's all, hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i think this technique specially useful to create multi disciplinary reports based on the integration of Jasper with multiple products like SDM, Spectrum and APM