Robert Ensinger

Inactive Users with Group Associations Report

Blog Post created by Robert Ensinger on Jan 10, 2017

   Years ago at CA World I sat in on a PPM Performance session where removing the security groups from inactive resources was presented as a best practice. Luckily for me with LDAP and an additional framework we have in place to lock & inactivate dormant accounts, most of the inactivation is automagic. I still have a manual action of removing the permissions groups from the inactive resources. To aid with this we've created this Inactive User Accounts with Group Permissions report with a hyperlink into the resource's group administration screen.

   With Jaspersoft I can schedule my Inactive Users with Group Associations report to run weekly as well as have it not send if there is no data - thus I only see the report when there's work to do. The Resource Groups hyperlink in the report makes the removal of these groups a three click experience of implementing this best practice. When I get the report in my inbox, I click the icons below, remove the groups and sleep well at night hoping that I've done just one more little thing to help improve application performance. 

   I'd like to share this with the community because I want to learn how we can best share Jaspersoft Reports.


   Are you an On Premise with MS SQL Server implementation? It's possible you can easily Import the file below via the instructions found here: Migrating Jaspersoft Reports with Jaspersoft Studio


   Looking through the report code (see inactive_accounts_with_group_associations_report.xml below) the CA_PPM_URL might require some rework against Oracle. The rest of it looks Oracle friendly. If copy & pasting the report XML below into a jrxml you'll surely need to update the environmental properties at the top of the report. I don't know what automation the Import capability provides over copy & pasting xml. Let me know how this works for you!


   I think Jaspersoft is capable of so much more than we're using it for today. I'd love to purchase report packs from vendors (hint hint hint) but so far nothing new and innovative has popped up. Let's build and share ourselves!


   If you get a chance to deploy this report - please report back with your results and help us all learn how to share.