5 Essential Projects for Your Future Web Design Portfolio

Blog Post created by S1488M on Apr 28, 2017

As you might know, the only to prove that you are a great web designer is by showing the job you have already done off. Your university degree or any other qualifications that you might have won’t be enough to get you any job in any company or as a freelancer.

And this isn’t just because certifications don’t really matter in your line of work. But because having the skills won’t make anybody sure that you can create anything special. The only thing that can prove it is a killer portfolio.

If you know exactly to each industry you are going to apply for, it will be easy to decide which kind of work will be available in your portfolio. But what if you don’t? What if you are creating something that will be online to anybody see? Or more than that, what if you are new on the field and don’t really have anything to show, but you want to create some mock-ups just to prove what your skills?

Then you will have to decide which projects you should add to your portfolio, generally speaking. And here is what you can’t miss.


# 1 – A complete online branding package

If you are a web designer, designing a website is basic for you. It won’t prove that you are any better than your competitors. But what if you go further and create a complete online branding package?

Here you should include a logo, cover photos/profiles for social media, icons for apps, and anything else that comes with it. Think about anything that the company might need for their digital marketing campaigns and get it done. It will prove that you understand your industry but also the needs of your clients (and the clients of your clients).


# 2 – A stock theme for a blog or website

What about creating a stock theme for a blog or a website for WordPress or any other Content Management System? It is a great addition to your portfolio as it will let people know that you can create some versatile and flexible.

To get it done, just check the themes already available in the market. Look for those that are more popular or considered as the Editor’s Choice. Then you can decide and what you can offer that is unique or that is going to solve a specific problem for one of your favourites target audience.

And the best thing about it is that you still can sell it as a premium theme and get some money from it later on.


# 3 – An innovative mobile app concept

The world is going mobile so your portfolio should have something related to this industry. However, adapting a website so it can become more responsive or redesign an app that is already available will not make you look any special.

What you will need to do here is to create a new mobile app concept from scratch(That’s what helped a lot while I was creating the Rated By Students Mobile App). Yes, it looks like a big thing, and it is. But you can see why it will make you stand out from the crowd.

So, start by learning all the rules involved in this kind of business, if you haven’t done anything like this before so that you won’t break any rules and sound like an amateur. Check App Store and Google Play guidelines for starters.

Of course, the app doesn’t need to be developed, you online to create the design concept. But do come up with something that you can look innovative as much as well-designed.


# 4 – An engaging 365 project

If you think, you do not have the skills yet to create something big, what about starting a 365 project that can be improved over the time?

It can be an icon or a poster that get different backgrounds, colors or messages every day of the year. It can do something that you draw or a cover photo for every day. Maybe a daily menu for your portfolio?

Anything can work here, really. Just look for something that you could become passionate about (as you will have to deal with it for a year) and start working on it on a daily basis – and don’t forget to keep publishing the results on your portfolio.


# 5 – Your own portfolio

It is funny how so many web designers get lazy when it comes to creating their own portfolio. But you can certainly guess how employers and potential clients feel when they want to get to know more about you and come across a poor online display of your work.

It certainly doesn’t give any reassurance to anybody that you can get the job done. A web designer with a badly designed portfolio is like a barber with a bad haircut – you wouldn’t try them, would you?

So make sure that your portfolio itself shows your skills and expertise to the best possible. And as you are completely free to design it, be creative to the maximum.


To Sum Up

If you want to be noticed, you should go and try to create the best portfolio that you can. It means choosing the right projects to add to it, as it might be impossible to design a bit of everything.

In addition, your client of a potential employee might think that you are not really good at doing anything in special or feel overwhelmed by so many options.

So make sure that you know have projects that are aligned with the latest digital marketing strategies, and that can prove that you understand of mobile applications. Show your persistence, time management skills, and improvement over the days with a 365 project and let them know that you can manage a theme for a blog or website (and still make money out of it).

But, above all, make sure that your own portfolio reflects the person that you are on every inch. It will act as your business card and will have a much more definitive effect than your CV, so make sure that it is of high quality and engaging