8 Reasons to Use WordPress to Power Your Website’s Design

Blog Post created by S1488M on Jun 29, 2017

WordPress is the best platform out there. It’s user-friendly, incredibly malleable and has so nearly 50,000 plugins to make it do whatever you want it to.


If you’re considering what platform you should use as a back-end solution for your well-designed website consider no longer. The answer is obvious. You should use WordPress. It is by far the best platform for creating an online website. I’ve been using it for years and it has served me very well indeed.

That not impressive enough for you, then consider the following websites, taken from a WordPress for beginners list: Techcrunch, the New Yorker, BBC America, and – of course – the official Star Wars blog.

Impressed yet? Well, you should be because these sites receive millions of visitors and yet they think that WordPress is still the best platform for them. So yeah, when you’re world famous and everybody is coming to your website to find out more about you, WordPress will still be a great platform! Neat right?

Here are some more reasons:


It is easy to use

First of all, WordPress is incredibly user-friendly. Sure, you can use HTML and other programming languages on the platform, but at the same time, you don’t have to. That’s great, as it means you don’t immediately have to jump off the deep end and learn a new programming language.

In fact, you can pretty much build your entire website by clicking, dragging and typing a few lines here and there (like your site’s name).


It has a huge amount of apps and plugins

wordpress plugins

Because it’s the biggest platform out there, with it apparently underlying an impressive 25% of the web (the two closest competitors account for 5% together). That means there’s a huge amount of support for the platform.

This not only means that whatever problem you’re having has been had (and written about) before, but it also means that there are literally thousands of plugins out there that you can add to your website, which will let you do anything from sending out newsletters to protecting your website from hackers.


It lends itself well to blogging

As you no doubt are aware, content marketing is the ‘new’ buzz word of the online marketing community. That’s where you create content to draw people to your website, where they might then buy your stuff.

To engage in content marketing you obviously are going to need to have a place to put that content. The most natural choice for that is a blog. Now it so happens that WordPress is incredibly useful for blog creation. No, they won’t quite write the text for you (check out this list of best websites page if that’s what you’re after), but they’ve got a huge number of plugins that will make it immensely easy.


Google likes it

And that’s important. After all, if Google doesn’t like a platform, you can be sure that you won’t actually rank well on their algorithm and that means that the huge pool of organic traffic out there won’t ever reach your website.

Now that would be an incredible loss, as at least some of those people are desperately looking for what you’re offering.

Even better, there is now a great free plugin in called Yoast that will allow you to optimize your blog posts and websites for search engines. That will make it far more likely that Google will know what your websites are about and what kind of people it should send there.


Everything can be customized

Everything I’ve outlined above might make you think that there is only one way that you can use Wordpress and that you’re straight jacketed into it. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, every aspect of Wordpress is entirely customizable, from where the lines move, to how you log in.

That means that you can begin with something that is pretty basic and straight word, then – as you learn and improve your understanding of how the platform works – you can customize whatever aspects of the website that you want. And that will save you a huge amount of time somewhere down the road.


Bringing in new people is easy

If you’ve got a website and you want to add a new contributor, that’s really easy in WordPress. All that you need to do is create a new account, decide what they can’t and can do, and send them the details.

Hey! Presto! You’ve got a new contributor.

What’s more, because the platform is so well known, almost anybody who’s been creating content online will be familiar with it. That means that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time teaching them the ropes. Quite often they can start working the moment that you give them the login details.

In fact, that’s a two-way street. If you’ve got your own website and you’ve been asked to contribute to another website, that’s generally quite straightforward if they’re using Wordpress. That will mean you don’t have to learn some new platform either.


It’s very scalable

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 pages or 10,000, Wordpress won’t slow down because of it. That means that if you’re launching small but expecting to expand quickly in the years to come, you won’t have to worry about your website not being able to keep up.

Just add the pages, alter the structure and boost your visitors. It’s all possible, doesn’t require much work and makes for a hugely flexible system.


You can get started in an hour

And the best part? If this text has convinced you that Wordpress is the way to go, then all you need is about an hour of time and you can have a website up and run. Sure, like I said, it might not be hugely advanced, but that’s okay. At least you’ll have something. And once you’re there, it is far easier to keep going, build more, learn more and make your website bigger, better and prettier as well.

Really, quite often the problem is getting started. Not on Wordpress. Here they’ve done everything in their power to make it as easy as possible.


Last words

There is a reason that Wordpress is the biggest one out there. It really is a fantastic platform that can be used by beginners and experts alike, as it’s both user-friendly and immensely malleable – in large part because of the huge number of plugins out there.

So yeah, if you’re thinking about what website to use, go with WordPress. It is really is the best one out there. That’s why its market share has been growing steadily over time. That’s a bigger achievement than you may think, as WordPress is open source and therefore has no dedicated marketing team out there.

It’s just people like me (and soon you) talking about their experiences and talking up the platform that gets the word out there. Not bad, right?  So what are you waiting for, go out there and get it already!

(Note, this whole article has been about wordpress.org, not wordpress.com. They might sound like the same thing, but they’re not. The first is the open-source, adaptive platform, while the second one is far more restrictive and means you’ll have the ‘WordPress’ in your URL).