10 Essential Apps to Boost Your Website Design Creation

Blog Post created by S1488M on Jun 30, 2017

Designing websites have become a trending topic in the design circles across the globe. Not only has the technology reached a point where VR and AR can organically be implemented into the web, but the basic website building has also become easier than ever before.

While professional web designers might still prefer coding and designing everything from scratch, step by step, there are ways for everyone to pitch in and design beautiful and useful websites no matter their skill level.

  1. Weebly: Starting off our list, we have Weebly, a platform that allows you to fully build and customize websites. Not only does Weebly help you design blogs and forums; it can also turn your site into an eCommerce platform with the push of a button. This in an all-in-one service that can be used by anyone who ever had a chance to solve a simple puzzle game since the actual process of designing a website looks very much like that. The platform itself offers a trial period after which you need to pay in order to complete the website you have in mind.


  1. Paper: This application is built with sketching, brainstorming and simple coding in mind. Every web designer needs a place to put their thoughts on paper, literally and figuratively. Paper is designed to do just that and works best when used on tablets with bigger displays. The intuitive interface allows even amateurs and passionate designers to solve creative problems and come up with fantastic web design templates in a matter of hours.


  1. iFontMaker: Creating custom fonts for web design has always been a chore for many creators. For one, they have to hire a professional typographer which can be hard and expensive at the same time. Not only that, but the end product is hardly ever what they initially had in mind. That is why iFontMaker is the perfect tool for web designers that want to add an extra flavor to their creations. The simple interface will shape all the letters according to the one you are currently modifying, allowing for seamless design changes and creative freedom.


  1. Blueprint: A web page is nothing without quality UI to back up the data stored there. Blueprint is an app that allows users the freedom to create their own UI elements and shape them in a web-based working environment. You can easily mix and match elements and add new stylistic choices without worrying about the end product. Blueprint allows you to export your creations and transfer them to your PC or Mac and continue designing the web page using the professionally crafted UI elements you just created.


  1. Wordpress: You will be happy to know that Wordpress has moved into the application ring and created a dedicated app that allows you to access and modify your websites on the go. Wordpress is an intuitive app that focuses on the most popular form of free domain blogging and web design – best of all, it’s completely free to use. In order to create more complex and plug-in-heavy websites, you will have to buy a custom domain and create a design based on the premium build of Wordpress.


  1. All Top Reviews: Anyone with the background in web development can tell you that good web design is nothing without quality content. All Top Reviews is an app that allows you to hire professional writers who specialize in different copywriting fields. Many of them are focusing on content creation in web design. This is a great way to come upon risk-free and expertly crafted content that will easily attract visitors and make your site viral.


  1. Google Analytics: Creating a web page worthy of your visitors is one thing, but attracting those visitors is another matter entirely. Google Analytics is an app that allows you to review and follow visitor patterns on your website and determine whether or not your current design solutions are working. Following these patterns can use several purposes, not the least of which is what type of content actually works with your brand and readers. Being smart about using Analytics can often make or break a website, so make sure that you consider using this app.


  1. Wix: Wix is a website builder made with templates in mind. Chances are that whatever template you sketched or drew on your computer screen might already exist on Wix. All you have to do is select it and start adding your content in order to shape the website. Wix is very easy to use and offers free and premium template solutions, depending on your needs and budgetary restraints.


  1. Blocs: Did you ever wonder how web designers are capable of coding HTML, CSS, Java or any other programming language so easily? You can do the same with Blocs. The app is designed for casual and beginner web designers in mind, allowing for easy and modern web design without the need to know the languages beforehand. The app holds your hand closely as you work towards a website design together, just like you would with a partner.


  1. Affinity: Speaking of web content, Affinity has quickly shot to the top by giving designers around the world an affordable and professional substitute for the now-standard Adobe programs. You can have a fully equipped photo and vector editing software available at any time at a very low cost compared to Affinity’s counterparts. Whatever content you are creating for your website, you are surely going to need a creation and editing tool for it.

Boosting your web design creation cycle is all about finding tools that suit you personally. These are some of the most popular industry choices and are very likely to transform your design practice into something else entirely. Never be afraid to experiment with new tools and thinking outside the box – it’s what web design is all about.