Ongoing UX Testing for Technical Support Content needs volunteers

Blog Post created by SamCreek Employee on Mar 24, 2017

“I enjoy this bad user experience,” said no one ever.



At CA, UX teams have been in practice for decades to make the products you use better, and to help develop new products for future users. (See Elisa’s blog: UX Matters #1: Introducing WHY user experience matters at CA) What is new - the Global Customer Success teams are rolling up their UX Sleeves and we need your help.




The UX team will use multiple types of testing to help design the future of technical support and we are looking for community volunteers to give feedback, participate in focus groups, and/or participate in user surveys.





Each test will require only a short-term engagement from the volunteer group. We will engage with user test groups, score, evaluate, improve and repeat to provide a better experience for users. Volunteers will help shape the future of:


  • Product documentation
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Support case management
  • Future of predictive support
  • Omni channel support
  • …and the way we serve and how you find all this content



We ultimately want to make it easy for you to get the information you need quickly – and we don’t want to design the future of support in a vacuum.


I will be posting periodically to let the community know when new UX testing opportunities come up.  To volunteer for any of these tests (most will require less than one hour of your time) please send me an email or reply to me here. We look forward to this project and look forward to sharing the ongoing results with you in this community.