Design First! @CA World

Blog Post created by SamCreek Employee on Oct 25, 2017

This year at CA World there will be a number of opportunities to partner with CA and help us improve the design of products and services.  From product interactions and tasks to CA's online systems and services, there will be range of live in person UX activities.


The CA Communities team will be hosting UX tests around community navigation and content, the new Support portal and how to find content of all kinds.  We will be recording volunteers performing a number of quick tasks and looking for feedback.  It will be up to you how many you want to do, but all of your feedback will be incredibly valuable.  The first 40 volunteers will get a gift card for $25 for the CA Store at the Exhibition Center.

We will have UX testing stations just outside the registration table during Monday and Tuesday of pre-con education.  J.J.Lovett will be available on Monday and I will be joining him Tuesday to help with the testing.  During the exhibition center hours, we will also have a testing station at the CA Communities booth in the center of the hall. 




If you aren't attending this year but would like to contribute feedback, we will be opening up a set of tests online after the show.  I'll post back here when those tests are ready to begin.


Be sure to keep an eye out for the UX Smart Bars in each of the product zones on the center floor for more ways to work with CA and provide your insight and feedback.