WAMUI Enhancements in CA SSO 12.7

Blog Post created by Sanjay_Katkar on Jul 27, 2017


I am working on CA SSO 12.7 migration from 12.51. We have too many un-used objects and specially Trusted Hosts. While importing into 12.7 policy store, it takes longer time to import and second, it created issues while registering WAMUI client, and third, performance is slow while navigating through objects or modifying objects. 


CA SSO 12.7 ships with "Agent Discovery" which provides list of Agent Instances used and display

"TrustedHosts" as a property of agent instance.


I wanted to check if WAMUI can be enabled to provide following features.


1. During search criteria, please give an option to list how many rows of records can be returned. For ex 10, 100, 1000. As of today it only list 10. It will help to delete max number of objects in less time.

2. Once Search criteria is executed, it should give an option to export the rows of records returned to Excel. It will help a lot from maintenance activity or periodic clean up activities prospective.


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