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The Red Eye


This is a self-serving, self-indulgent blog.  I plan to post brain detritus as a distraction from reality.  I am guessing that it might serendipitously allow others to take a break from the battering context switching required of a network manager.  Either way, it makes me look like I’m working, and it pumps up my ego.  Sometimes you might find something useful here.  I will try (but not today).


My computer science expertise started and stopped in the mid eighties.  I used my dad’s Commodore  64 (the 64 refers to 64 K of RAM) for four things:

  • Printing to the dot matrix printer.  It actually made tiny burn marks on the paper.  That’s pretty close to playing with fire, and that was cool.
  • Playing One on One with Larry Bird and Dr. J.   If you drove a layup just right, you could shatter the fiberglass backboard. 
  • Writing programs involving number guessing and flashing colors
  • Playing Zork - a text-only role-playing game

It had a modem, which made it capable of hacking into the Pentagon to initiate bilateral thermos-nuclear annihilation of the United States and USSR.


When I was thirteen, I became a Spectrum Product Support Engineer.  Maybe I was twenty-eight.

Armed with my degree in Environmental Science, I moved across New Hampshire, from area code 603 to area code 603, and joined my brother and sister-in-law at Cabletron.  The Spectrum Orzechowski dynasty began.  My brother was doing PR for Craig Benson, who later became governor and installed EZ-Pass on New Hampshire highways.  My sister-in-law was team leader of the Spectrum product support Management Modules team.  Nepotism.

But eighteen years later, how many Orzechowski’s are left working with Spectrum?  Uno.  Credentials be da*ned, I have staying power.


Anyway, the whole frivolous point is to explain the name of the blog.  The latest release when I started was Spectrum 4.0 rev3.  If you started the SpectroSERVER 4.0 rev3 from a control panel on IRIX, my sister-in-law’s voice would tell you, “Your SpectroSERVER is ready."  When you launched the SpectroGRAPH (there was no OneClick), the VNM icon stared at you with a menacing eyeball like the one on the dollar bill – Rob Kettles uses it for his communities avatar. Thus the name of the blog.


To come: colloquial crash terminology