You can now download sections of the docs as pdf files

Blog Post created by ScottOrzechowski Employee on May 4, 2016

and you thought I had left the company!      It was only writer's block.


I just ran across this post.  I had been looking for this functionality.  Maybe you have too:



Downloading Docs as PDFs

Kiran DiwakarContributor

Hello Team,

Just wanted to call out this update. You all have been telling us that while the new docs wiki is great, there is no easy way to download docs, both as individual files or all of them at a single go.

We have now made changes and the docs workflows will suit your needs better..


The Download PDFs (all zipped and individual PDFs) option has been enabled in the Download PDF by Sections page.

  We’ve also updated the Features and Enhancements section and embedded the YouTube feature videos


Special shout out to our docs team who followed up diligently on all our feedback and got this done!



Kiran Diwakar