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Blog Post created by Seenu_Mathew Employee on Sep 8, 2015

I learnt to code during my university days. I really enjoyed doing so and was eager to get into a job. Fate should I say, the year I passed out of university was the worst for any programmer to be looking for a job(2002). With little opportunities and in a country (India) where if you throw a stone randomly, it would hit a programmer, I was not able to progress much.


I did a few odd jobs in call centres but I got my first breakthrough in CA technologies in 2005 when I was hired as a support engineer. I was stunned to see the skill of my fellow colleagues. I am very impressed with the company and I decided that I would have a long association with CA.


Cases from customers kept me busy. CA helped me learn several technologies. Technically, I grew well. However I missed coding.


Finally in the beginning of this  year (2015), I invested some time to refresh what I had forgotten for years. I did a quick course in java from This was very helpful and I was able to get back into doing what I liked. Opportunities are less, however wherever possible, I have been trying to push myself into unfamiliar shores.


I am in the process of building a few scripts. Wish me best of luck........