Stand by Your Brand

Blog Post created by Sid_Mautte Employee on Dec 11, 2017

Many of us have various industry credentials. They add to our personal brand and credibility with our customers. As with any other part of your personal brand it is important to present oneself in a manner that is consistent with such credentials. These credentials are more than just add-ons to our signature but a picture of how our ideology is aligned for that specific credential and its impact on our thought process.


A couple of weeks ago I was on a customer call where a lead consultant for that company asked for us to ‘approve’ and ‘validate’ that their suggested approach would be acceptable to CA. I had already presented 2 viable and low-impact, yet secure methods but this individual was pushing for a configuration that would have left the customer’s accounts at-risk. I did not validate nor approve their approach and indicated that the proposed methodology would leave a system in a vulnerable state. I reiterated that the reason for my thought process was in alignment with my CISSP credential. They indicated that they also have that credential but were looking for some way to progress with no changes. The value of that person’s credential was reduced and their brand took an immediate hit.


Let’s all remember to live life in consistency and support our brand.