Be Prescriptive

Blog Post created by Sid_Mautte Employee on Mar 30, 2018

Over the past several weeks, as I've been working with a great customer. It's been imperative to help them make good decisions when there are multiple choices available. While the decision is the customer's it's important for us, as consultative advisers, to be able to make recommendations that will lead them to success. In order to fulfill this and become 'trusted' as an adviser it's key to do the following:


1. Listen - Make sure to give the customer the time to explain the issue.

2. Seek to Understand - Ask any related questions to understand the environment around the decision and what some of the adjacency items are that can impact the decision.

3. Collaborate for available options - Work with the team to seek available options that could be positioned. Build consensus as your go.

3. Recommend - It's not simply enough to list out options / pros / cons. Leverage the work that you just did and your experience to step out and put your approval on an option.