Steve Harvey

People, Process, Technology - A choice

Blog Post created by Steve Harvey Employee on Apr 18, 2018

This is going to be short and sweet....


Hopefully I just convinced a customer that the only practical way forward for them is to change their organisation and process. They came to me looking for the magic technical bullet but the chamber was empty! As I have blogged before, some times you have to swallow the bitter pill of disappointment when technology says no and organisational change is the best approach. Luckily I think they knew they would need to change. However what we can add as Architects and Consultants, with our years of experience,  is guidance and a value proposition that strengthens the case for change and ensures our customer stakeholders can drive that through their management chain, hopefully with a successful outcome.


A very interesting experience and one that has added to my confidence in attacking the fundamental issues of a challenge head on, not just settling for a short  term technical fix that satisfy's no one for very long.