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When upgrading to 15.5 Service Pack 1 from a release prior to 15.5, the upgrade will fail

Blog Post created by Suman Pramanik Employee on Dec 18, 2018

When upgrading to 15.5.1 from a release prior to 15.5.0, the upgrade will fail because of an incorrect use of the wrong version of the JDK during the upgrade process. This is a defect DE45971 In order to get around this the following process can be used.


1. Prepare the file

Each release hop can be given a set of properties to use during the upgrade. In this case we want to specify the location of JDK8 for the upgrades to use.

  1. Create a file called in a convenient location on the same machine the upgrade is being done on. Add the following line to it and save the file:

java_home=<full path to the root of the jdk 8 installation>

For example, let’s say that on my Windows machine my Jdk 8 installation is under c:\jdks\jdk1.8.0_171. My file would contain (note the escaped path separators):


Linux example file content:

                 java_home= /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_171.jdk/Contents/Home


2. Begin the upgrade


Start the 15.5.1 upgrade install script. After being prompted for and giving the location of the ‘Third Party Libraries Jar Directory’ we should copy over the release-install properties file to the upgrade directories. As an example, let’s say I am upgrading from 15.4.0. I will see something like this in the command prompt window:


Third Party Libraries Jar Directory [c:] :



You chose the following:


thirdparty.libs.jar.dir = c:\deploy\tplib


Copying 1 file to c:

Created dir: c:\deploy\tplibsdir

Expanding: c:\deploy\thirdparty.libs.15.5.1.jar into c:\deploy\tplibsdir


Current version:

Upgrading to:



Expanding: c:\deploy\install-packages\15.4.1\upgrade-repack. into c:\deploy\install-packages\15.4.1\upgrade-repack.

Expanding: c:\deploy\install-packages\15.5.0\upgrade-repack. into c:\deploy\install-packages\15.5.0\upgrade-repack.


You need to copy the release-install properties into each of the directories that were created through the expansion of the jar files,




3. Continue the upgrade


At this point, the command should be waiting for user inputs to continue the upgrade. When prompted for the ‘J2SDK Home Directory’ give the full path to the root of the JDK 11 installation.




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Note: If you are not comfortable using the workaround, you need to do an interim upgrade till CA PPM 15.5 and then you can upgrade to CA PPM 15.5 SP1 
Thank you holji01 Jim Hollandsworth for the workaround.